25.09.19  Audiotist & me are very excited we will be playing as Circus Brekovic for the first time ever in Leeds at Yestek 4. We also are also excited about the progress of our next Ragga Terror Front vinyl. Mastering and artwork are finaly done. Up to the next stage!

09.07.19  My last digital releases has been added to the site. It's all about remixes :)
Get the updated release list in the music section and browse new and old tracks!

21.05.19  Gabber heads, fucked by fifi (Gabarret Records) must be something for you!! It's a 3 part compilation featuring one of my tracks!

19.12.18  First of all I would like to wish you a happy Xmas & a happy new year! Let 2019 be a good year again ;)
The next bookings for 2019 are already coming in. I can't give away much more info about them as the promoters still have to officially announce the events. But I can tell I will be back in the after-brexit UK!!

I've officially launched my new dubtek project in collaboration with Mr Bad Monkey. To announce our project we released our first Vinyl on Dubtek Astronauts. Check it out ;)

26.07.18  New live dates added to agenda (Belgium, Uk and Germany). New Stazma remix nearly finished. Expect rave, acid, metal and frenchcore, all mixed in one bushi soup!

20.04.18  Hi there,been busy the last couple of months, but I got some great news, as I'm planning a second vinyl release with Audiotist. It will be a 12 inch, just like last time, by RTF and Isope. It's still the early stage so don't expect it anytime soon :p
Also, I've been working on a new  project, but I can't say more at this time!!

31.01.18  Sorry for the late site update, been busy playing around europe and I also have been working on a new project. More news will come on that later this year. Meanwhile I have posted a new live set on my soundcloud (free download!) and a new remix I made of a uk grindcore band called Famine. Available only on tape at this time.
Hope you'll enjoy! and happy new year!

18.10.17  Right, summer is gone, time for some new exclusive party dates. First I'll be playing for the first time in Erfurt (Germany) on 04.11.17. Then, for the very first time, I will hit the real north and play in Tampere UG (Finland) on 16.12.17!
Last but not least, I'll be playing in Arnhem (NL) with Circus Brekovic on their kerstcircus event the 23.12.17.
Lots of fun coming up!

14.08.17  My #sawg remix (originaly by Odaxelagnia) has finaly found a host. It is released on the infamous Dancecorps label on a remix compilation with a lot of shit mashup music!
Download the track here!
Or get the release from the Dancecorps site here!

  You can now purchase Bushi's Classics vinyl on discogs for the customers who wants to use credit card or bank stransfer. For those who use paypal we do recommend using bandcamp.
Thanks for supporting the underground breakcore community !

09.05.17  Bushi's Jungle Opera and Combo Whore are now together on one vinyl, Bushi's Classics, which you can order here!
This package includes one big poster, fun button and stickers. Released by Ragga Terror Front and Isope Records!

  The vinyl release is nearly ready! All I can say for now is that it will be called Bushi's Classics, features two Bushi tunes, 12inch, 45rpm, and a lot of cool gadgets will be included. The long wait finaly paid off!

  New release just before 2017 from Circus Brekovic on Hormonal Vibrationz! The release features more then 50 artists and is divided in part 1 and part 2. Or go straight to the Circus song  ;)
happy 2017.

16.12.16  There itis : the Secret Door Behind The Curtain EP!
5 tracks from rave to jungle, classical and breakcore, released on Jigsore UK label. Enjoy

13.12.16  The music section has been updated. A separation has been made between the digital (web) releases and the cd/vinyl releases. Also the new upcoming Wan Bushi vinyl is on it's way. It wil be a release from both Ragga Terror Front and Isope. We aim at a release around the beginning of februari 2017

15.10.16  Summer is gone :( But I've not been doing nothing. There's quite a large amount of tunes that are coming your way!
Also i've update both the agenda and some media which you can look at on the media section. Enjoy the comming of winter

01.08.16  Currently working on a new EP. As a preview you can now enjoy this new track, with visuals taken from some ancient japanese fantasy anime. Enjoy the summer and wait for the release till it's there!

18.06.16  Circus Brekovic has arrived! Get the new EP on the Erisian Bandcamp.
And have a look at the Circus Brekovic music video recorded at Balter 2016 for some exclusive video footage.

15.05.16  Two new releases at the same time! Both free download if you download the full compilation.
Enjoy my DutyFreak Remix on the Ragga Terror Front Release 'The Samurai Collection'.

And have a go on the Breakcore Gives Me Wood 2016 compilation to get my Welcome To Belgium tune!

21.04.16  Playing and beeing in Vietnam was awesome. But there's more to look forward to in the next upcoming months. There will be the new Circus Brekovic release on Erisian, as well as two new releases that will see the daylight on Ragga Terror Front and Breakcore Gives Me Wood!

And last but not the least I will be playing both as Wan Bushi and as Circus Brekovic at Balter Festival 2016!

18.03.16  The new day of the droids compilation is out! It features one of my older unreleased tracks (Jung A List Theme) along some other bangers. I highly recommend to have a look at it if you are a real breakcore lover. Grab the full compilation here.

Also today I will be playing for the first time ever in Hanoi, Vietnam, alongside some new talents I suggest you watch out for.

28.02.16 Balter Lineup has been announced, and I'm on it. Twice! I will be playing a solo gig as wel as a Circus Brekovic gig!
Also I will be going away in March to a far away country called Vietnam. Holiday trip yes, but also one gig in the city of Hanoi thanks to Megahertz!

05.01.16 2016 has arrived! Happy new year. It will be a year with many more releases ;)

Ragga Terror Front has started a double remix competition for it's next release. Remix one of the two tracks (or both) and send the result before februari 2016. Have a listen to the orignial tracks and grab the sample material here!
Good luck ;)

21.10.15 Updated the agenda with the first gigs in 2016! Also looking forward to play in Leeds in three days! Check the facebook event for more info!!

27.08.15 The release of the Circus Brekovic EP is now entering it's last moments. For those who wonder, circus brekovic is me + audiotist and it will be full on balkan en clowncore mashup! Will obviously keep you informed when the release will hit the world wide web!

Meanwhile you can enjoy my latest neary finished and nearly ready to get released remix of Odaxelagnia on my soundcloud page!!

24.06.15 Meerkat magazine has written an article about the Ragga Terror Front release 'YabaiKore!'. It's in dutch but I still think it was worth telling as I have many dutch followers and many other followers who know how to use google translate ;)
YabaiKore review from Meerkat Magazine

17.05.15 I would like to take the time to thank all the poeple that showed up and always support us at our Ragga Terror Front events. As long as you keep raving we will keep throwing them parties. So thank you all!

So I would like to announce some releases but I can't yet as there is no official release date yet for any of them and some releases are far from beeing ready. Just be patient and you will be rewarded ;)

Banfgace was mad. So mad I forgot to update my lovely site to inform you about my deidream remix being released on Breakcore Gives Me Wood. So now it's said : it's out!

06.03.15 My babies were sent for mastering. It's now a matter of time before four of my oldest Bushi classics are coming out on vinyl in a joint release between Hibiki Records and Ragga Terror Front. Meanwhile you can enjoy my Deidream remix which will be featured on Deidream's full release on Breakcore Gives Me Wood.

Keep an eye on my agenda to see when u can catch me live (tip for uk ravers : bangface & Erisian :p)

15.12.14 Another EP has just been released on Bankizz. As it's a split EP with Mr Bad Monkey you will find inside my Zombie Attack! track, my Uber-ich Amoria Remix (original from Audiotist) and two Mr Bad Monkey tracks.
Free for download!

enjoy :)

26.11.14 It's out !! grab the cheesy Victory Theme from Long Live The Animals on their bandcamp !

28.08.14 As I'm still waiting where and when to release my old classics, another one of my older babies will be released on Pure Stilton Hits (free EP) from Long Live The Animals (Bristol).

27.06.14 Had an amazing time in the uk, specialy at Balter Festival 2014, the most rave festival ever in the middle of the nice countryside near South Wales ! 
My next international trip will be in July to Japan followed by BoomTown Fair Festival in the UK in August ! Lots of upcoming fun guaranteed ;)

13.05.14 Sorry for not updating my site .. I can be very lazy somtimes :p. But also I've been busy, working on my new project Circus Brekovic. Become a fan on our facebook page to know when the first tracks will get online !

Also planning to release some old tracks for free as some of them are not online anymore. Will announce this new release soon !!

25.02.14 So 2014 has started and so far it has been good. Not only will you be able to see mee live every month around Europe & Belgium (check agenda for more info) but my new project with Audiotist, Circus Brekovic, is getting better every day. Expect a lot of hard  & breakcore with trumpets & accordeons. And much more ;)
Keep on raving !!

12.12.13 Hey everyone, a new release has been released on Dancecorps :p
100% rave & eurodance influenced, I present you My Crazy Dance Girls EP ! It features four tracks : two eurodance mashups, one chiptune rave track with my own voice (on autotune) and one remix of an older Audiotist track.

Download the release here !
enjoy ;)

21.10.13 Uploaded a new special set on my soundcloud. Gypsy & folk mashupcore stuff ;-)
check it here ! (it's downloadable as well !).

The 25th of october I will be playing alongside ladyscraper @ Raving Dead 2 in Antwerp. For more show dates check out the agenda page ;)

09.08.13 Updated the media gallery with some new recent pictures. I put them in random order so you'll have to find the newer ones by yourself :p

The past few months have been a little intense and crazy, which in some way is good as it also stimulates my creative mind. So stay tuned for new stuff coming up !!

Meanwhile you can still grab the coretura set if you really can't wait ;)

20.06.13 New world feat Marishka is now available in digital format and will very soon be available on vinyl. Get the digital copy or pre order the vinyl here !

Also updated the agenda page. To find out where I will be playing very soon check the agenda page ;)

21.05.13 In two weeks two new tracks 
will be released on Hibiki Records, a Bristol based label. One of them will be on vinyl, the second one will be on some exclusive cd release pressed in 200 copies. The 200 first people with an entrance ticket for the release party will get their hand on this release !
More info on the Hibiki Rec. release party (facebook).

And as good news doesn't come alone, for those wanting to have one of my sets, you can grab a special set I recorded for Coretura Radio station and which also aired on national Radio of Lithuania. Get the set here (download link in description).

Have fun !

16.03.13 Just updated the release page with 2 new releases. 'Useless Bushi Man' is part of the Anus Monus Rec compilation 2 which is downloadable here.

The other track is the new school version of 'The Most Happy Individual Of The World' which is released together with 'Crazy Accordeon Conny Bitch' on Ringe Raja Records.

You can find back all releases on the music page ;)

And there is more. I recorded a 30min live set for Bankizz Label which is now available for download on the Bankizz soundcloud !

have fun ravers ! :)

21.02.13 Some new releases are coming soon. Expect some of the old Bushi classics, and some newer stuff as well. Well actualy, just wait and see u'll be surprised ;)


14.01.13 Next month I'll be playing once again in Poland. This time it will be a the Estrada Stagebar in  Bydgoszcz the 02.02.13 !


30.10.12 New Bushi remix coming out the 1st of november featuring tracks from the Panacea, Luna C, Uplift, Ponder, Dave Skywalker, ...exclusively on the new Kniteforce box set (grab it on the kniteforcerevolution.com).

Listen to the soundclip here


19.10.12 Is looking forward to spend a weekend in both Warsaw and Krakow next weekend. Will be there & play there with Mr Bad Monkey to represt the Ragga Terror Front.
Also check out the other show dates in the Agenda if u're interessted in knowing where to find me ;)


24.08.12 A new remix track has been released on Ringe Raja Records. It's a mixture between drum'n'bass, rave, core & Jewish folk. Grab it on my bandcamp or on the RRR official website along with the original track !

have fun !


11.08.12 Catch me playing tomorrow at Boomtown Fair Festival in Winchester (uk). Expect a banging rave & breakcore set bangface style ;) 


09.07.12 After some quiet time on soundcloud it wast time to upload something new. The track is called New World and features Marishka from Lebanon. It's a mixture between arabic breakcore with a smiling happy ending. Well, just listen to it here.

Check Marishka on facebook if you want more ear pleasure ;)



01.06.12 I'am now accepting bookings for Balkan/Gypsy/Folk Core sets ! If u have no idea what this means I suggest you have a look at Ringe Raja Records, or have a listen to one of my own balkan core classic :)


15.05.12 It's free time. Get 2 oldschool tracks entirely for free !

The first one called 'Mezzo Piano' has been released on Turn It Off Recordz, for the 5th Anniversary of Rombanka Soundsystem. The compilation also features music from FFF, Duran Duran Duran, Raxyor, Mr Bad Monkey, Depizgator, and much more...

The second one is the 'La Main Verte" remix intended for the French speaking people (but of course anyone should download it ;) It's available on the unreleased page ! 


30.04.12 Updated the site & cleaned up some pages. You can now find the live-sets in the media section which also features some recently taken pictures, most of them from me playing live at some random places.


16.04.12 Some new tracks will be released. Don't ask me when, I don't know, I guess very soon ;-)

One of the tracks will be on a big compilation from the Rombanka Soundsystem people to celebrate their 5th anniversary, and three others will be released on Fexomat's Ringe Raja Records. All of them free for download.

22.03.12 Crazy Accordeon Conny Bitch is now available for download. It's still unreleased but I could not wait to make it available for the fans so go take a look at the release page & download the track now.

15.03.12 Had a great time both in Lebanon & Bangface. Pictures and video footage from the Lebanon gig do exist, but I don't have them yet so' ll have to be patient ;).

Meanwhile check out some of the new show dates I'll be playing at next.


20.02.12 New release on Japanese label othermoon records is out ! It contains 3 tracks of my own and one chipbreak remix from Ca5, and yes it's free for download. Get the music here ;)


06.02.12 Bushi live in Lebanon has now a date & location : 03 March @ Afterlife Club. Have a look at their facebook event page and check out the agenda for all other new show dates of 2012. 

Also check out the latest track on soundcloud, it's a 100% accordeon core track with cheezy accordeon melodies combined with the usual bushi mix of breakz & heavy kicks. Enjoy !



24.01.12 Bushi live in Lebanon is now becoming a matter of time. Check out the first short teaser of Corechestra II : YOUTUBE LINK


09.01.12 Happy new year to everyone. Some news about 2012. First of all I 'll be playing in London uk @ Bangface the 9th March 2012. For all new 2012 dates you can of course check the agenda.

I'll be releasing a new EP on Othermoon records (Japanese label) featuring 4 tracks (3 of mine & one remix from Ca5). Release date has not been fixed yet. Release will be free for downoad !

Also I've finaly finished the new version of The Most Happy Individual Of The World. Track will be released on Ringe Raja Records.  


13.11.11 Last minute change of plans : I'm currently working on some new track for an upcoming release on japanese label Othermoon Records. The new version of The Most Happy Indiviudal is almost ready tho, but it will have to wait a little longer ! 

Some less good news from Lebanon, the gig has been delayed and will take place in 2012 instead. Also added some new dates in the agenda for 2012.

And for those living in Belgium don't forget to mark your agenda on the 16th December for the massive
Breakcore Gives me Wood vs Ragga Terror Front party in Ghent !

13.10.11  Some new party dates have been added to the agenda. One of them will be a gig in Lebanon. More info will come soon !

I'm also currently reworking an old track - The Most Happy Individual Of The World - which will normaly be online in less then a week on soundcloud. 

Last but not least, the poll had finaly ended :) the top 2 winners are the eurodance mashup & the ultra gore bukkake mashup. I don't know when I will start, or which one I will do first, but I definitely will start to work on it soon.


04.09.11  Myspace is dead, as you all know. I've decided I won't delete my account but I won't update it neither. You can still find me on the most popular social networks as facebook and soundcloud (and maybe soon on google+ as well). I realy liked myspace but unfortunately most poeple seems to think otherwise ;)


04.08.11  Some new wikkid party dates has been added to the agenda. First I will be playing on a new festival the 26th August called Raveland @ Old Zoo with FFF & Dune. Then I will play together with Mr Bad Monkey the 1st October on Fun-Q-Bator @ Terneuzen (NL). 

The 31 of October I will play again with Bad Monkey on Bass 09 @ Club9 (Koersel). And finally I will play on 2 year Ragga Terror Front in December, which will be a special edition but I can't tell you much more now. But it will be epic, I promise :)   


26.07.11 My oldschool track 'Eurodance Vibes Part 2 & 3' is now available for free on Turn It Off Recordz 's Summercore Intensive Connexion, along with 30 more artists bringing you 90's Mashups :)

Of course you can also find it back with all the links on the music page along with all the official releases.


10.07.11 Helmut Lotti & The Russian Dubcore Band is now officialy released on Ringe Raja records. You can download the track for free here (not their official website yet). You also still can download the song on my Bandcamp page with the exta ability to give a small donation :)


08.07.11 Medieval Resurrection is now available in high quality format (320, flac,...) on my Bandcamp page, and you can also purchase the song on iTunes.

There are two more tunes coming out on netlabels very soon, and both will be for free. The first one is the Helmut Lotti remix which will be available on Ringe Raja Records (their official site will be launched soon). The second one is my oldschool eurodance vibes part 2 & 3 which will be on Turn It Off Records

Of course you can find all info about the releases on the music page :)

have a happy holiday & don't forget to vote for my next mashup if you haven't done it yet !  


31.05.11 Helmut Lotti & The Russian Dubcore Band will be available  in a free release on Fexomat's new gypsycore label "Ringe Raja Records". More info soon !

You can still purchase the track in cd quality on bushi's bandcamp page.


27.05.11 Site is up & running but not fully constructed yet. Website adress will be changed to www.wanbushi.com very soon :)