A short Bio for those who need a Wan Bushi description for their website/facebook/ whatever ... 

Wan Bushi was a drummer, played in some bands and was forced into music lessons from a young age.

However, after drumming his way into punk, metal, funk and reggea he needed something new. Something electronic with hard bass and hectic drums. Something like jungle and drum'n'bass. Yes drum'n'bass was nice. And so he started doing wierd stuff with his computer again and again, all day and all night long.

It still wasn't enough tho. Like a junkie he could not stop going faster and harder. He
replaced the drum'n'bass breaks with fast & furious drums and started including heavy kicks. The Wan Bushi sound was born and ready to infect the ears of many.

In other words, as Wan Bushi himself says :
''It's all about making jungle and drum'n'bass influenced breakcore with a hardcore touch, and spicing it up with eurodance & rave mashups, sometimes also adding elements from classical & traditional music. It can be dark, evil, funny, stupid, but either way it will always be hard & crowd pleasing.''

For links to music :
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